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Amscope Microscope

The amscope microscope is the perfect tool for examining nanoscale particles and molecules in a 3d stage conferences or meeting setting. With its 40x, 25, 000, 000 light range and usb-based camera, this comprehensive microscope is perfect for during 3d printing, web designing, or other small-scale scientific applications.

amscope stereo microscope

amscope stereo microscope

By AmScope


M150 Biological microscope

The Microscope Store

The microscope store is a perfect place to start if you are looking for an affordable and high quality microscope. We have a wide selection of microscopes, from popular brands likescope and microscope to miniaturized models that can be used in the office. The store also has a wide selection of microscope films, tips and tutorials.

Amscope Microscope Parts

The amscope microscope parts are a necessary part of any science kit. This kit comes with aancscope microscope part, a screwdriver, and training tools. The microscope part can be used to look at different topics, like organic and inorganic substances, cells, tissues, and organs. The amscope microscope part can also be used to look at size, shape, and properties of substances. It is a great kit for young scientists because it provides them with essential microscope tools for scientific experiments. the amscope 7x-45x trinocular stereo zoom microscope with double arm boom stand is the perfect microscope for high-end research. It features a 7x45mmaphosphore zoom lens and a double arm boom stand for easy transportation and use. The microscope also features an objective lens and a stereo lens forjadenzing superior images. the microscope store has released a binocular double arm boystand that does not need a boom stand! This stand is made with an shoulder strap and is perfect for days when you want to take your microscope to new heights. The microscope store is also available in 7x, 45x and 10x. where to buy microscope slides in store? some other places where microscope slides can be bought are at the store's original location, in a store near you, or microscopeguide. Biz retailers.