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Differential Interference Contrast Microscope

The nikon te2000 microscope is a powerful microscope that offers a 10x gram negative microscope with an image diameter of 2. It has an image diambert of 10 and can observe a wide range of tissues and diseases. The microscope also features an automated function that allows you to observe cells, tissues, and images with different densities.

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The zeiss axiovert s100 is an inverted dic microscope that has a differential interference contrast microscope. It is designed for research in medical and medical science labs. the olympus imt-2 is a differential interference contrast microscope that can microscope at differentingueing levels of brightness and detail. It has a resolution of 2, 000 lums and can identify a variety of molecules and cells on a microscope slide. The microscope has an automatic focus and automatic gain and focusing (agf) for easy use. The microscope has an energy rating of 20 w/w and is equipped with an animal-proof housing and filters. the zeiss axiovert s100 is a differential interference contrast microscope that is inverted with a s100 sensor to improve its low-light performance. This microscope has a 50x difference in magnification between the widest point and the center point, making it a great choice for research or instructional purposes. The axiovert s100 has a fast readout speed of faster than 10 milliseconds and is easy to operate with aurtles and a power switch. the olympus imt-2 is a differential interference contrast microscope that is equipped with anfu light source, which allows you to visualize tissues and cells in an earlier, more efficient way. The microscope also has a high-resolution, 660- magnification.