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Gemax Microscope

Microscope is a top-rated tool for inspection of precious stones and other metal elements, this microscope grants a new digital camera that provides real-time monitoring of the microscope field of view. The microscope also includes an 1" digital ready frame that allows quick inspection of small items with quick, effortless to adopt inspection tools.

Gemax Microscope Amazon

The microscope is a powerful microscope that is used for inspection of jewelry, altars and other religious objects, the microscope presents a field of view of up to 20 inches and can magnification to 100, 000 levels. It extends a red or green light range and can see in most jewelries, the microscope also gives a feature which allows it to see in objects that have been hired by a customer. The microscope is a new addition to the microscope family, this microscope is splendid for inspecting jewelries or other it gems. The microscope is equipped with a digital micro lens and a digital magnification tool, it can also be enlarged to top-rated sizes using the magnification tool. The microscope is a fantastic tool for examining jewelry and its contents, the pro-ii model is an 2 nd generation microscope and is designed for use in the jewelry industry. The pro-ii microscope imparts a higher resolution of up to 12, 000 and is equipped with an excellent digital lens system, it can also magnify items up to 000 times its original size. This microscope is a digital microscope that veterinarians need to have in their collection to inspection and photography, it presents a careful and accurate ability to observed the most precious gems and jewelry. The microscope is a new addition to the family and is to be the substitute for inspection, magnifying and photography.