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Inverted Microscope

Introducing the Inverted microscope, top-of-the-heap for photography, video and 3 d printing, this microscope offers been designed with the modern photography and 3 d printing revolution in mind. With its Inverted stage, you can take incredible photos and videos in true microscopy style, the microscope also includes an 4 th objective for even more analysis. The Inverted microscope is a terrific tool for photography, video and 3 d printing.

With 3 Objectives
Omax Inverted Microscope
W/ (3) Objectives. Tested Free Ship

Inverted Microscopes

The Inverted microscope is a microscope that is currently the most popular type of microscope, it is now available in a hund model with four objectives to increase its accuracy and precision. The Inverted microscope for cell culture is ideal for investigating the interactions between cells and their environment, the microscope gives two magnification levels and five variable magnification settings. The Inverted optical microscope is a powerful tool for scientific research, it can microscope on objects in an Inverted position, which makes it outstanding for studying particles, molecules, or tissues in detail. The 10 is the latest model in the zeiss line of microscopes, and it offers an Inverted microscope experience with an 10 x power supply and 10 x digital zoom, this tool can be used to measure size, shape, or composition of objects, and it provides an energy usage of only 0. 3 w per hour, the Inverted microscope is a tool used to view documents and objects at a distance up to 45 feet with a total magnification of 7 the microscope imparts a resolution of 7 x and can be used with or without a camera.