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Southern Precision Instruments Microscope

Our spi southern precise instruments portable hand microscope is the perfect addition to microscopeguide. Biz shopping. With a 100x magnification range and 200x magnification range, this microscope is perfect for examining soft and hard objects in detail. The microscope also features a 300x magnification range, making it perfect for examining faint objects in detail.

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The spi microscope 100x is a 100x magnification microscope that is designed for research in pharma, aromatherapy and other medical field. It uses 2x digital camera for high-quality photography and allows you to study natural and artificial ingredients in directly. this microscope is a 10x lens microscope with a vintage feel. It is made with quality materials and it offers a great quality for the price. This microscope also features a wide angle of view, which makes it perfect forx the southern precision instruments spi microscope objective f40x0. 65 is a high-quality microscope that features a 20x magnification range and a 10x digital touchscreen. It also includes an objective lens and a centuries-long southern legacy of quality products. The microscope is perfect for research, education, and hobbyists alike. the southern precision instruments 1862 microscope is a microscope that is designed to attach to a microscope frame. The 1862 microscope is also among the most powerful microscopes in the world. The microscope has a quick-drying coating to keep your microscope display clean and clear.