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Stereo Microscope

This microscope is top-quality for capturing microscope specimens in all types of light! With its 7 x-45 x zoom lens and table pillar stand, you can easily take beautiful microscope specimens from the most difficult to take specimens in low light conditions.

Bausch & Lomb StereoZOOM 7  Microscope,  7X thru 30X Zoom - Look at Lens Photos!

Bausch & Lomb StereoZOOM 7

By Bausch + Lomb


Model 41

ꙮ AO American Optical Forty

By American Optical AO Spencer


Stereo Binocular Microscope

The amscope 7 x-45 x trinocular Stereo zoom microscope with double arm boom stand is excellent for microscope research, it grants an ideal zoom ratio of 7 x-45 x and is based on quality materials. It presents a very strong construction and is sturdy, the boom stand makes it effortless to move around. The microscope effortless to adopt and provides a very user-friendly interface, the amscope microscope is an outstanding tool for student microscope research. It gives an 10-x magnification power and attachments options like 3 d view, the microscope also includes a metal frame for straightforward viewing. The amscope microscope is top-of-the-heap for research in school or college, and can reach depths of 3-6 inches without focus, this microscope is a sensational surrogate for when you need to test out a microscope before it's too late. It presents a ken-a-vision monocular microscope usb light that can test three objectives at once, the microscope also grants an 3-unit cost and is splendid for first timers or those who covet to try out a microscope before it's too late. This zoom Stereo microscope lens is a good surrogate for individuals digging for a microscope that can be used in the research field or as a general microscope, it is 13 x Stereo zoom and grants a focal weight of 13 ounces. This makes it top-rated for use in studies involving large-scale images or images with many-breed.