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Vintage Olympus Tokyo Microscope

This vintage olympus tokyo microscope is in a wooden case with accessories! This microscope has been well-maintained and is in great condition. It's perfect for watching birth defects or bacteria grow.

Vintage Olympus Tokyo Microscope Walmart

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Cheap Vintage Olympus Tokyo Microscope

This vintage olympus tokyo microscope is a great addition to your microscope collection. It is a 328825 w 3 objective lens microscope with a lighted 3 objective lens. This model is perfect for experiments in scientific research or exposure times for photography. This microscope also features a comfortable body and aendmentable objectives to make it easy to use. this vintage olympus tokyo microscope is astereoscopic with a zoom g10x lens. It has the 226447 trademark, which is a number identifying this model. The model is significant because it is one of the few remaining examples of a tokyo microscope that this type exists. It is significant that the microscope is still in good condition, as it is still in use. It has a reliable and stylish design, with 3 eye pieces. This microscope is perfect for viewing bacteria, particles and cells in pictures or videos. It is also great for scientific research or ireland's often difficult equipmentweathering. this is a vintage 1960 olympus tokyo microscope w oak box and lenses. This microscope is used but in great condition. It's been used for photography and research and is covered in dust. This microscope has a �4" skill level.