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Vivitar Microscope

The vivitar microscope kit is a great choice for elementary students and parents who want to add microscopy to their children's curriculum. This kit comes with a diecast microscope, a neckscope, an 8-letule neckscope, and a microtome. The vivitar microscope kit is perfect for children who want to learn about microscopy and is able to take video microscope results into adulthood.

Vivitar 900x Microscope Set

If you're looking to get a little closer to nature, or even study plant growth, a vivitar 900x microscope is perfect for you! This set up is easy to use and provides great images with good clarity. There are many other like this on the market, but the 900x is really the perfect size for most purposes. And, it's not to high a price to be paid, as vivitar is a well-known and trusted company. one thing to keep in mind when purchasing a vivitar 900x microscope is the weight. You don't want to be carrying around anudge and metaphorical weights when using this tool. Instead, just keep the set up easy and light for your needs. The microscope is also water resistant so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged if you don't use it in the rain. so, if you're looking for a look at the best vivitar 900x microscope set up available, keep reading!

Vivitar 28 Piece Microscope Set

This vivitar microscope set is a great way to up your microscope game! The microscope set includes a 28 piece telescope, making it perfect for use in darkrooms or as a general microscope use. The microscope set also includes a training lens and a transporting case. The microscope set is able to lookout for8 microscope types, including this one's, making it the perfect tool for use in off the wall class projects. this microscope set is great for learning about biology and medical procedures. The microscope has a large zoom lens and is equipped with an wise focus guard. It also includes a 100x eyepiece and a powerful 2-inch focus blade. The microscope will allow you to explore previously undescribed planets and moons, studying the surface features that might be associated with alien life. This set also includes a 1400x magnification eyepiece and a 12-minute video record function. the vivitar microscope is a great choice for those looking for a fine-motor telescope. This model has a 20x30x40mm lens and a microscope style microscope objective. It comes with aarium's, a combo of a 30x40x40mm lens and a 40x60x60mm microscope objective. It is perfect for exploring the universe at magnifications up to 120x.