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Vwr Microscope Slides

This microscope slide box is perfect for your business! It features a stylish and stylish design, and it can hold 100 microscope slides. It is also easy to store, with its soft and spacious storage conditions.

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Best Vwr Microscope Slides

This is a factory sealed microscope slide. This slide is from the box of 72 slides 3x1x1 mm. They are from the usa. And are ao the slides are ao-weighted, and are sealed with a sealing wax. The text on the slide is in roman numerals and the word "ims" is appearing above the text. The slide is ao-thickness, and has a ao-quality paper cover. The figure on the slide is ao-inches wide, and is ao-millimeters wide. this is a virus-free microscope slide. It is a recommended quality and has good price-to-value. It is ideal for research or beginner's eyes. this is a microscope slides case that is new opened. The case is made of plastic and has a plastic latch. It is about 78mm by 84mm. It is in good condition. It has not been used or abused and includes the with case. this microscope slide set contains 1+25 microscope slides.